Ecological education for children and young people

Milvus Group started to engage in nature-based environmental education in 1996, when the young birders came to realise how important it was to pass on the knowledge to the younger generation. It’s actually the basis of nature conservation to reach to a wider audience, who could, in their turn, change their lifestyle or behaviour accordingly.
Why is nature important? Because we depend on it. This is why we must learn to ensure a future for the next generations, too. We aim to build a community of people who understand the importance of nature conservation and who adopt appropriate lifestyle choices.

We aim to raise a generation that loves to spend time in nature, and that also knows and respects the natural world.
Besides the children, we would also like to raise awareness among the adults about the problems that the natural world faces nowadays. We intend to do so by educating primarily students and educators. Nonetheless, we do our best in presenting nature conservation opportunities for people from other sectors, too.

Programme responsible: Kis Réka Beáta, email:,, telefon: +40725-226175, +40723-929170.

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